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The power of Lei Di

Vloženo: 9.9.2022 | Přečteno: 16x

The afterglow of the setting sun is always so dazzling, but short, fleeting, as if every night is a mirage, only flashing in the eyes of people, when dissipated without a trace. Ouyang Lingfeng and Lin Yinjie had planned to go to the hospital at noon to visit their relatives, but Gera called Ouyang Lingfeng, saying that their relatives had not yet woken up and would not wake up until the afternoon. So Ouyang Lingfeng decided to change to the afternoon before they went to the hospital. Afternoon after school, Ouyang Lingfeng and Lin Yinjie's relationship is more and more intimate, at least in the eyes of others, many people do not understand why Lin Yinjie would like Ouyang Lingfeng such a playboy. Although Ouyang Lingfeng is now as poor as a church mouse, everyone in the school remembers that he is a playboy, playing around everywhere. Lin Yinjie is a poor student, diligent in learning, kind, and many young and handsome male students have pursued, but no one expected to follow Ouyang Lingfeng. It can be seen that Ouyang Lingfeng's reputation in the school is a "poor" word. Before he reached the school gate, Ouyang Lingfeng saw a bunch of people standing in front of several shops across the road, some of whom he knew. Could it be that Pan Guochang is looking for me to seek revenge. Ouyang Lingfeng saw that the familiar person on the opposite road was Pan Guochang, and Pan Guochang also saw Ouyang Lingfeng. From Pan Guochang's eyes, Ouyang Lingfeng saw that he had come to seek revenge for himself, so he could not implicate the people around him, especially Lin Yinjie. You go to the hospital first, and I'll come later. Ouyang Lingfeng whispered to Lin Yinjie that he didn't want Lin Yinjie to have anything to do because of him, so he sent her away first. But two familiar figures broke into Ouyang Lingfeng's line of sight, one was listening to a silver Audi Q7 at the door, stretching out a head to look at Ouyang Lingfeng's Gera, the other was the sunspot opposite with Pan Guochang. Sunspot was frightened by Ouyang Lingfeng's god-like strength last time. Across the road, Ouyang Lingfeng vaguely saw the sunspot's face, as soon as he saw Ouyang Lingfeng's face changed. And with Gera to conclude a contract to become friends,calcium ammonium nitrate price, there is such a blood friend, but also the Earl's repair, to deal with these hoodlums is nothing at all. See Ouyang zero points with a young beauty slowly out, Gera immediately get out of the car to meet up. Hello, beautiful lady. My name is Gera. Dressed in a black suit, the tall foreigner, 1.8 meters high, suddenly walked up to Lin Yinjie, gently pulled her up and kissed her. Lin Yinjie was caught off guard by Gera and looked at Ouyang Lingfeng with panicked eyes. Ouyang Lingfeng was also helpless by Gera. He gave Gera a hard look, indicating a kind of anger in his heart. Then he said to Lin Yinjie: "He is my good foreign friend, Gera." Gera read it in Ouyang Lingfeng's eyes and said in her heart, "So it's my brother's girlfriend. Oh, forget it. Pure ones are rare. Fortunately, my brother comes first. Otherwise, it's mine. But my brother's, Magnesium Oxide price ,Magnesium Oxide MgO, I won't rob it.". When Ouyang Lingfeng saw Gera's eyes rolling, he knew he was thinking of some ghost ideas. He quickly interrupted: "Gera, you're just in time. Help me take care of her. I'm going to solve personal problems." Ouyang Lingfeng's eyes looked across the road to Pan Guochang, he was determined to solve this problem, otherwise often entangled, he can not be peaceful. Gera understood, nodded earnestly and said, "No one dares to touch a hair of her. Go ahead. If you can't solve it, call me." Suddenly realizing that she had said the wrong thing, Gera quickly shut up. He can't solve it. What else can I do? Gera asked herself. Lin Yinjie also knew that Ouyang Lingfeng and Pan Guochang had a quarrel, and that time when they had a fight in the toilet, she just came back to see them. She said worriedly, "There are so many of them. Are you going there like this?" Lin Yinjie's worried look was so lovely that Ouyang Lingfeng couldn't help thinking when he saw it. Gera immediately rushed to say, "Is it useful to have more people?" Ouyang Lingfeng walked over with a smile, while Lin Yinjie looked worried, afraid that something would happen to him. Come on, let's wait for him in the car. Gera made a gesture of invitation, and Lin Yinjie moved slowly. See Ouyang Lingfeng slowly coming, a calm look, Pan Guochang thought he put on, ordinary people see dozens of people such line-ups, afraid already scared to wet pants. So Pan Guochang smiled disdainfully: "Still pretend, wait for you to kneel down and beg for mercy!"! Sunspot is a burst of fear, see Ouyang Lingfeng, his heart beat faster, think of the day before yesterday Ouyang Lingfeng like a ghost of speed and ruthless means, the heart is still chilly. But later Ouyang Lingfeng still did not beat up the sunspots, so the sunspots at that time had all kinds of feelings in their hearts. Hey, sunspot, I can't believe you're here with this scumbag. Ouyang Lingfeng did not put the dozens of brothers brought by sunspots in the eye, some of them have seen Ouyang Lingfeng's fierce, began to flinch. Sunspot was Ling Feng this question, very embarrassed, do not know how to answer. Pan Guochang immediately interrupted: "You are still so ***ing arrogant. You want to die." Pan Guochang relied on the large number of people, the last time he put them in the toilet, he thought Ouyang Lingfeng would just do a little martial arts, no big deal, now many people killed the old master, not afraid of Ouyang Lingfeng not to fall. Ouyang Lingfeng frowned, he hated Pan Guochang such an arrogant guy, the heart is very uncomfortable. Sunspot immediately realized that Ouyang Lingfeng was uncomfortable and was surprised. In fact, when seeing Ouyang Lingfeng, sunspots have been measured in their hearts for a long time. Originally, Pan Guochang asked him to come out this time, but he did not want to help, because he knew that Pan Guochang's personality was not just relying on some money at home. Sunspot chose to help because he was short of money and wanted to make some money. But sunspots have never known that Pan Guochang offended Ouyang Lingfeng, if he knew, how could he agree. Feng Shao,Magnesium Oxide price, I'm really sorry. I didn't know it was you. Sunspot apologized to Ouyang Lingfeng with a smiling face. He turned to Pan Guochang. His face immediately changed and he looked ferocious. He grabbed Pan Guochang's skirt and said, "Have you ***ing seen who you are?"? And asked me to pretend to be mysterious, huh.

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